Fitbit kids smartwatch leaks in full - new images show camera and cellular support

Is this the 'Project Eleven' watch or a canned prototype?
Fitbit fitbit smartwatch leak
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A set of leaked images appear to have provided us with our best look yet at the rumored Fitbit kids smartwatch - one that features a front-facing camera and cellular support.

The gallery of images - originally sent to 9to5Google - purportedly shows the sum of Google and Fitbit's 'Project Eleven', with the smartwatch essentially resembling a chunky, child-focused version of the company's Versa and Sense devices. 

The case is light blue and features two colorful side buttons and a microphone, with the Fitbit logo also appearing on the band's loop.

Not much of the on-watch experience is visible in the leaked images, though cellular bars can be seen from the setup and language selector screens, indicating the device can act independently from a smartphone. 

9to5Googlefitbit smartwatch leaked images

This would also seem to clear up any idea that the device would run Google's Wear OS, with the screens pictured very clearly resembling Fitbit OS. 

However, whether the watch in the images is indeed the Project Eleven device is a little unclear. 

According to Business Insider's November 2022 report, Google killed off the previous plan for a kid-focused Fitbit watch - one that featured a built-in camera similar to what we can see in the leaked images.

9to5Googlefitbit smartwatch leak

After "numerous technical challenges and logistical issues," work was halted in favor of Project Eleven.

It's possible that the camera feature has been carried over to Project Eleven, though it's also true that the smartwatch in these leaked images is actually the canned Fitbit kids smartwatch, too. 

We won't know for sure for a while yet, either, with Project Eleven not expected to bear fruit until 2024. 

Between now and then, we expect that additional leaks will give us some clarity regarding which Fitbit kids watch this actually is. But, for now, let's bask in the uncertainty.

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